Uniforms and Equipment


The club loans uniforms (pants and top) to all Junior playsers.

Senior players are required to buy their uniforms.

All players are required to buy a team hat and team socks.

Junior players are required to wear shin pads and mouth guards.

Senior players are recommended to wear shin pads and mouth guards.

Costs and Loan requests are done at time of Registration.


All players require a softball mitt.

They may prefer to buy their own bat but bats are available in the team kit.

All other equipment is supplied by the club.

Some specialized equipment such as Catcher’s gear is supplied by the club but if players specialize in this position it is often better to own your own gear.

If you need equipment or advice on the corect mitt or bat you can go the the local Softball shop run by Ashleigh Ross she and her team will offer smart, correct and cost effective advice:

Red Stitches
7/100-102 Pacific Hwy  Waitara NSW 2077
(02) 9489 7007